You have a plan for nearly everything…off-season workouts, practices, games, player development, nutrition, and more.  What about the plan to develop your coaches?  If you are an athletic director or head coach, what plans have you developed and implemented to make your coaching staff more effective?  If you are an assistant coach, what professional development plan has your head coach created for you?  What plan have you created for yourself?

In most instances, that plan doesn’t exist.  If it does, it pales in comparison to the ones created for players.  To a degree, it’s understandable.  Players win games, so invest your time with them.  Besides, there is often an expectation that an inexperienced coach has been around the game long enough to have a good idea of what to do and how to do them.  (Did you read my Coachmosis blog post?  You should do that.)  While it’s conceivable that new coaches can be capable upon hiring, it’s unlikely they will be skilled in every area.

Communication is one skill in which every coach should be proficient.  Think of all of the people with whom you will interact while in your profession: players, potential players (and their families, coaches, girlfriends, etc.), donors, boosters, parents, the athletic department, media, and teachers.  You will meet hundreds, if not thousands, of people on your journey. Some will have a greater impact on your success than others.  Imagine losing out on that one recruit who could’ve made the difference to your program.  What if that recruit would’ve been the perfect fit for your team, but you lost him because you couldn’t effectively communicate with his mother.  If she was the primary influence in that recruit’s life, you were toast.

Some people have a natural gift that allows them to effectively communicate with nearly everyone.  Usually they can’t explain it.  The good news is that the skill can be learned without a significant time or monetary investment.  It’s all about behaviors and versatility.  SOCIAL STYLE ® is the world’s leading Behavioral Style model and has been used by thousands of organizations to improve communication, leadership, and sales effectiveness.  For several years, this was the cornerstone piece of my training and development program for a Fortune 100 organization.  Now this program is available to you.  Contact me today to see how SOCIAL STYLEs can improve your team.