Effective communication with others is a critical component in virtually every business.  If you’ve ever been in a department meeting or a coaching session, you know what I mean.  Even if you are a “solopreneur” just getting started, you will rely on clients, vendors, mentors, or friends to get your enterprise off the ground and in the black ASAP!  From the Fortune 100 to the smallest of businesses, there is a great need for improved communication. Unfortunately, not every interaction with others generates the results we want.  Often the problem isn’t “what” was said, rather “how” it was said.  Commonly, people speak in a manner that’s comfortable for them without regard to how their message is being received.  So how do we get out of that comfort zone?

It starts with understanding behaviors…without taking a 300-level psychology class!  SOCIAL STYLE® is the world’s leading Behavioral Style model.  It has been used by thousands of organizations to improve leadership performance and sales results.  SOCIAL STYLE is popular, in part, due to its easy-to-understand concepts.  You already judge others based on their behaviors.  The next step is to categorize an individual’s behaviors to understand his/her Style.  This will give you clues as to how he/she prefers to communicate, then you can modify your approach to meet his/her expectations.  If you’re willing and able to do that, you greatly improve your effectiveness.

Does implementing the strategies put forth in the SOCIAL STYLE program guarantee success? No program, including this one, can make that claim.  However, there is evidence that managers who are effective at modifying their approach to meet the needs and expectations of others are (a) 27% better at leading teams, (b) 25% better at coaching others, and (c) 19% more likely to be promoted [click here for the detail].

For several years, this was the cornerstone piece of my training and development program for a Fortune 100 organization.  Now this program is available to you.  It’s likely that you’ll find this to be an affordable and worthwhile investment in you and your team.  Contact me today to see how SOCIAL STYLEs can improve your organization.